Teaching staff


                             Teaching staff 2011

Teacher                                                               Subjects

1. Mr. Malachi Okeyo (Principal)               Geography / Biology

2. Mr. Odoyo Tubman (D/Principal)           Business Studies / Geography

3. Mr. Oyugi John (Snr. Master)                Chemistry / Mathematics

4. Mr. Okoto Isaiah (HOD G&C)                Geography / Mathematics

5. Mr. Weje Felix (Boarding Master)           Kiswahili / History

6. Mrs. Ochieng Beatrice (HOD Science)     Chemistry / Mathematics

7. Mr. Okoth Wilson (HOD Maths/Comp)    Mathematics / Geography

8. Mrs. Anne Jagam (HOD Humanities)     Kiswahili /Geography

9. Ms. Jaqueline Akoth                                  English / Lit.

10. Mr. Adek Maxwell (HOD Languages)     Kiswahili / Geography

11. Mr. Odero George (Games Master)      Biology / Agriculture

12. Mr. Gumbo Julius (Dean Of Studies)    Biology / Agriculture

13. Mr. Obado Walter                                  English / Lit.

14.Mr. Owino Erick                                      Biology /Geography

15. Mr. Nockriss Gwalla                              Computer Studies

16. Mr. Saidi Abubakar Oketch                   Physics / Mathematics

17. Mr. Akuloba Daniel                                CRE / Geography

18. Mr. Konyony Hezekiah                           Kiswahili / History

19. Mr. Ololo Raphael                                  CRE / History

20. Mr. Okatch Richard                               Physics / Mathematics

21. Mr. Ogweno Jacob (HOD Crtv&app)   Business Studies / Mathematics 

Principalís Message

MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPALI would like to thank the almighty God for having granted us the mercies to reach this far in the development of our …

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Mr. Malachi Okeyo, Principal, taking a breather after

a rigoruos session during the BOG/PTA/Staff …

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