Kuoyo Kochia started as a primary school in 1964 on the site it is: God Kadela

The pressing need to have an institution which would offer secondary education in the area propelled members of the community with the help of the then area chief to transform Kuoyo Kochia Primary to Kuoyo Kochia mixed secondary school in 1981 with the first student being admitted on 01/05/1981.

At this stage, Hon Eng. Phillip Okundi came out in force and helped the community to organize a series of fund raisings. For example, in 1982, 1984 and 1986, the drives raised 264,000/=, 342,000/= and shillings 1.4 million respectively. The funds so raised enabled the putting up of physical structures such as classrooms, offices, dining hall, laboratories, dormitories and others.

Hon. Eng. Phillip Okundi did not stop at that; he also provided building material, exercise books, a generator for lighting, a windmill for water supply and above all, a vehicle (mini-bus) to the school.

In 1988, the school was registered as double streamed school with 8 classes and a capacity of 320 students as a community project.

In 1996, the BOG decided to phase out the girls and the school became a boy’s secondary school to date. Hon Eng. Phillip Okundi  was elected BOG chairman that year, a responsibility that he shouldered  up to the present time with a brief break between 2004-2009.

To cater for the girls registration for secondary education, their admissions were redirected to Ombogo Girls Academy, a private school in the neighborhood .

In 1999, the school was made a provincial boy’s boarding school rapidly expanding to three streams and finally 4 streams in 2006.
The school now has 13 classrooms, one computer laboratory, one e-learning center, 3 science laboratories.
 Besides the above the school also has the following facilities;
-    Staff Houses
The school has 4 twin-houses housing only 8 teachers. Another 2 share a single permanent house. There are also two semi-permanent houses which house the laboratory technician and the school driver.
NB/ Accommodation for staff is a big challenge following this shortage of houses.  

-    Library
The school library is well stocked as per the curriculum and student population. The reading space though can only accommodate a limited number of students. This turns the library into a bookstore with the books having to be carried to classroom for use.

-    Students Boarding Facilities
Currently there are 5 dormitories, a dining hall /kitchen catering for the student population. As the school expands, there will be need to expand this facilities.

-    Transport Facilities
The school had been having the school mini-bus (Isuzu KAA 104) but acquired a new 51 seater bus in 2009 (Isuzu KBB 783 S). this has eased the movement of students on academic and co-curricula trips.
-    Lighting
Besides the main power form the KPLC, the school has a back up generator. The initial generator which was serving the school before the connection to KPLC lines developed mechanical problems which will be sorted out once fund are available.

The school’s staff establishment currently stands at 45; 25 non-teaching and 21 teaching staff. The schools approved CBE (curriculum based establishment) is 37 teachers. This constitutes a big shortfall. Besides, of the 21 teaching staff, 5 are BOG employees with only 16 being TSC employees.

There is acute shortage of staff in history and government, English, CRE, computer studies, business studies, physics, chemistry and Mathematics.    

Since the first student entered the school in 1981 as admission number 0001, the school has had a student turn over of 4, 011. The latest admitted student in 2011 is admission 4011.
Currently the student population stands at 450.

The school has always excelled in various out of class activities. In music, the school choir has perennially competed up to the national levels.
In 2009, the school took part in the festivals that took place in Mombsasa.
Other sporting disciplines, such as athletics, hockey, handball, basketball and soccer have always participated up to the provincial championships level.

The school has always managed to score respectable mean grades at KCSE pushing many of our candidates to the universities and other tertiary institutions for further studies.

In the past 8 years alone, 58 students have proceeded to university on government sponsorship, while 315 have score the university entry mark of C+.

Year    ENTRY      A    A-    B+    B     B-      C+      C       C-       D+    D       D-    E         MSS        M.G.
     097      0    4     4      7    12    28    19    13     9      1     0     0     6.7732     C+
2010     103      0    0     2      6    6      17    24    24    20     4     0     0     5.7961     C

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